How Osteopathy can help relieve Neck Pain

Experiencing neck pain due to muscular tightness is a common problem and often due to imbalance in the lower neck or the upper back. Two-thirds of the population have neck pain at some point in their lives. It can also be the consequence of spinal dysfunction like pinching of the nerves emanating from the spine.


Lower neck and upper back being the supporting places for the head, those areas usually cause neck pain when under too much stress or unexpected brisk movements. The upper part of the neck is more mobile and dissolves better the forces going through the area. Although, fast moves like whiplash can cause strain and spinal dysfunction as well. Then the muscles in the area will tighten, leading to neck pain. A discomfort that can travel down but also travel up and cause headache.


Back and neck pain is usually felt  as an ache, or stiffness, with possible sharp pain on certain movements. Alongside a wide variety of underlying causes, Physical and emotional stress can be exacerbating back pain.

Some people may describe a specific injury to their back,  whereas others have a progressive occurrence of back pain often related to work or posture.

Dysfunction of the back, specific injury to the joints or discs will cause pain and restriction. It also causes main postural muscles to become tight which then causes further discomfort and with extreme cases of back injury can affect the nerves that exit the vertebral column.

We treat the neck symptoms using gentle soft tissue massages, articulation technique to restore mobility and manipulation when the joint is too restricted. The neck is a very sensitive area and people often show a bit of hesitation, this is why our practitioners will always give you a full explanation of the diagnosis and the treatment needed before processing.

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